Fair Housing Awards

RISING to the Occasion: Senior Fair Housing Counselor Honored

Our senior fair housing counselor George Ibarra was honored with the 2017 RISE award early October. His work with CSA San Diego County has been invaluable towards assisting our fair housing services in our San Diego region. George Ibarra manages an office that holds a diverse workforce and qualified counselors who speak Spanish, Farsi and Tagalog. Through CSA, George helps low to moderate income families in all areas of San Diego such as East County, North County, Alpine, the US/Mexico border and San Diego through a federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program. He is a champion for people to keep their homes, prevent homelessness, and addressing abuse from rent hikes and inhabitable environments held by landlords. Many people have been able to gain fair housing in the San Diego area thanks to George Ibarra. Through his diligent managing of resources to productively screen, assist, and resolve cases of housing discrimination, Mr. Ibarra promotes equity and inclusion on the often challenging front of fair housing.

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