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Since 1994, CSA San Diego County has been a leading agency in San Diego County in raising awareness to end the perpetration of human trafficking and labor exploitation. Director Estela de Los Rios has worked extensively with numerous faith based organizations and social service organizations to aid those who are victimized by trafficking.

CSA San Diego County is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides support, advocacy, and assistance to victims of hate crimes and human trafficking. CSA also assists with the following services: compensation of damages, immigration, and eligibility for social services. One of the focuses for the human trafficking program is continuing community outreach aimed at middle schools and high schools in the San Diego.

Our organization is collaborating and leading in World Without Exploitation by having our Director, Estela de los Rios on the national executive council. This innovative collaboration has allowed us to gain insight on human trafficking outreach and strategies, advocate on the national level for policy change, and network to gain information about resources that are available to survivors.

Additionally, CSA has a partnership with a local human trafficking survivor Marjorie Saylor and her new nonprofit The Well Path (TWP) to model, enhance, and provide direct services to human trafficking survivors and promote healing. In this collaborative agreement, we will assist with mutually benefiting objectives and program goals such as providing human trafficking client referrals to TWP for case management, therapy, legal help, and resources. CSA will also provide TWP with access to trainers, conference rooms and a facility to hold groups and therapy sessions for South County clients.

CSA also works actively with law enforcement, San Diego’s District Attorney Office and the FBI. We have active membership in: the San Diego Interfaith Collaborative, San Diego Coalition against Human Trafficking and executive leadership within the World without Exploitation. CSA San Diego has also collaborated with local school districts, and frequently partnered with Point Loma Nazarene University Center for Justice and Reconciliation. We will continue to engage with local stakeholders and our impact has been demonstrated through two major cases within the past two years. Our work with school facilitators and law enforcement which has led to proven success such as the 2014 rescue raid. Additionally, our organization was able to save a labor trafficked worker this past year from sexual and labor exploitation at a local taco stand and help him obtain a T-visa. Now, he is safe, on the path towards citizenship and speaking out for other survivors.

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