Human Trafficking Awareness Training Workshop

Human trafficking, referred to as modern day slavery, is a growing global and national concern, yet few are aware of this epidemic’s presence in the San Diego area. CSA is a leader in human trafficking prevention. CSA San Diego County, in collaboration with San Diego State University held a workshop. The purpose was to develop awareness and educate the public on the indicators of human trafficking. The presentation provided a learning opportunity for more than 40 participants. The presentation included under graduate, graduate students, community members, teachers and school staff, and concerned professionals and individuals. The workshops formation of a Panel of Experts helped support CSA’s continued commitment to develop awareness about human trafficking. Combined in the panel were two real life survivors of human trafficking. They discussed their experience. Life stories are typical of many of the survivors of human trafficking whom CSA serves every day. CSA San Diego County receives calls daily from potential victims around San Diego County. CSA San Diego County has taken strides to educate the public on the presence of sex and labor trafficking in San Diego and to urge action in the community to combat the problem.

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