South Texas Labor Trafficking Conference

McALLEN — TEXAS The Women s Studies Commitee of South Texas College concluded its 6th Annual Human Trafficking Conference Nearly 200 students, professors, law enforcement officials, activists,security force, National and International Networks and ONGS converged at STC’s McAllen campus to discuss how to help 30 million people victims of Human Trafficking.

“Labor trafficking unfortunately seems to be forgotten since it’s not as sensational” as sex trafficking, said Jenny Clark, chair of STC’s women studies program and co-chair of the three-day conference. The international Labor Organization estimates that 271.7 millon children ages5-15 are engaged in child labor and represent between 40-50% of all forced labor “The previous five (conferences) focused on sex trafficking — the demand, supply and business of it,” she said. “But labor trafficking is more prevalent. It’s sometimes called the ‘hidden’ form of trafficking.” And according to the International Labor Organization, forced labor or child labor, or both, help produce more than 122 goods around the world.

The end of conference was runs until Wednesday and features filmmakers, nonprofit agency leaders, politicians and researchers who have dedicated some portion of their work toward restricting global, national and local slave trade. Fernando Mao, Executive Director of RATT International Network United Against Human Trafficking Said I believe in those committed to this issue have the power to help victims defending theirs dignity. we must join together to provide that safe by protecting victims and prosecuting traffiker. We can and must end this most serious, on going civil rights violation. Human Trafficking is a human rights violation and must be stopped right now.  

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