CSA San Diego County Labor Trafficking Outreach

CSA San Diego County’s mission on human trafficking is to promote positive attitudes, guarantee respect, be accepted and have equal opportunity for all people of every race. CSA San Diego County is currently working with World Without Exploitation and Professor Sheldon Zhang of Northeastern University to combat the labor trafficking situation in San Diego. Outreach workers go out in the field to conduct screenings on potential victims of labor trafficking and abuse.  After the screening is conducted, individuals are referred to our pro-bono attorneys for free legal counsel regarding their particular situation. Once the evaluation is performed, if people are applicable, then attorneys pursue the acquisition of a U-Visa or a T-Visa. The U-Visa is available to victims of certain crimes named in the law that occurred within the U.S. The T-Visa is available to victims of labor exploitation and abuse under federally definition of “severe forms of trafficking in persons”. We want to promote that all workers have rights, whether they are or are not immigrants.


CSA Builds Bridges to Action on Human Trafficking


Estela de Los Rios presenting to community leaders on labor trafficking

Santiago Perez Navarro, a survivor of labor trafficking, and a success story with the assistance of CSA

On September 26th, CSA San Diego County participated in “Bridges to Action on Human Trafficking” event at First United Methodist Church in San Diego. Director Estela De Los Rios attended on our behalf to meet with leaders of the San Diego region to identify key issues and areas of concern that require collaboration and attention from multiple stakeholders. The event facilitated by the San Diego Interfaith Collaborative sought “to become acquainted with other leaders so that common understanding, support and collaboration can be shared in the midst of crisis and disaster.”
Estela de Los Rios gave a presentation on labor trafficking, a booming crime that has insidious consequences. Her presentation defined the scope and magnitude of the exploitative issue, along with a case that CSA San Diego County aided an abused worker to get the help he needed from law enforcement. Santiago Perez Navarro was an undocumented worker being abused by his boss at Betty’s Taco shop. With the help of CSA, Mr. Navarro was able to obtain justice and received a T-visa. Estela’s presentation and this story were able to educate local leaders on an issue that often gets overlooked or underreported in the San Diego area.
Since 1994, CSA San Diego County has been a leading agency in San Diego County in raising awareness to end the perpetration of human trafficking and labor exploitation. CSA San Diego County’s Human Trafficking Program provides personal support and advice for victims by referring victims to a network of services that includes immigration services, eligibility for social services, legal representation, psychological assistance, and housing. Additionally, we have worked extensively with numerous faith based organizations and social service organizations to aid those who are victimized by trafficking.

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