CSA San Diego County Labor Trafficking Outreach

CSA San Diego County’s mission on human trafficking is to promote positive attitudes, guarantee respect, be accepted and have equal opportunity for all people of every race. CSA San Diego County is currently working with Casa Cornelia Law Center and Professor Sheldon Zhang of SDSU to combat the labor trafficking situation in San Diego. Outreach workers go out in the field to conduct screenings on potential victims of labor trafficking and abuse. After the screening is conducted, individuals are referred to Casa Cornelia Law Center for free legal counsel regarding their particular situation. Once the evaluation is performed, if people are applicable, then attorneys pursue the acquisition of a U-Visa or a T-Visa. The U-Visa is available to victims of certain crimes named in the law that occurred within the U.S. The T-Visa is available to victims of labor exploitation and abuse under federally definition of “severe forms of trafficking in persons”. We want to promote that all workers have rights, whether they are or are not immigrants.

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