SDSU Internship program

Here at CSA we take great pride in extending internships to qualified college students with whom we see fit for our organization. These competitive internships are extended to students who excel academically, as well as having a passion towards giving back to the community. During each internship period, these interns have the opportunity to design hands on afterschool programs for at-risk youth, gain experience working with fair housing counselors and helping clients, as well as working within our human trafficking program. These internships allow students to receive work experience that will be vital towards expanding their resumes, as well as opportunities to develop career goals and essential skills needed in the workplace.

Meet the Interns:

 Jazmin Ernest


is a student at San Diego State University, and she is pursuing a degree in Public administration. Her future goal is to work in the nonprofit or private sector. While being a full time student, she also works part time working in customer service. She enjoys working with youth and has had the opportunity to be a mentor at EJE charter school academies. Jazmin enjoys volunteering within the community on issues regarding social justice.





 Kendal Kirkland 

photo 1

is an undergraduate student at San Diego State University who is majoring in Public Administration. During his time school he started modeling, acting, and held a variety of jobs from sales and marketing to even being a test proctor. Being a product of Lincoln High School, his desire is to advance the development of youth in his community and throughout San Diego. He plans on becoming a venture capitalist and helping pave way for the youth and other businesses to become successful in their area of expertise.


Eduardo Eufragio

is an undergraduate student at San Diego State University who is majoring in criminal justice. During his time in school he has worked part time at an on campus job as well as being involved with the Gamma Zeta Alpha fraternity. Through his fraternity he has held assistant dean and treasurer positions. With this fraternity he has focused on academic excellence for all members as well as giving high-school students the encouragement and opportunity to attend college after graduation. He plans to attend graduate school specifically for homeland security and then go on to working with their boarder patrol department.

Julia McCormick
is an undergraduate student at San Diego State University who is majoring in criminal justice with an emphasis in social work. While in school she has spent her time volunteering in a youth homeless shelter for homeless, runaway, and abused teenagers. Along with this she is involved in many on campus organizations that work with criminal justice professionals, preventing child abuse, promoting confidence in young girls, as well as encouraging academic achievement. She plans to attend graduate school for a master’s in social work and then go on to becoming a licensed California social worker in a juvenile hall setting.


Angel Soriano

is an undergraduate student at San Diego State University who is majoring in criminal justice. He has previously received his AA degree in social work from Grossmont College. Along with school he has over ten years of experience in customer service. He was a supervisor for the customer service department of an insurance company for over four years. He plans to attend graduate school to focus on school counseling to work in a high school setting as a counselor.

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