Esperanza Strengthening Hispanic Communities

Esperanza Strengthening Hispanic Communities (Our National Partner)

CSA partners with Esperanza in order to expand the amount of individuals being helped and bring more hope and equality to our community. Esperanza is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “empower people through education, economic development, and advocacy.” All of the work done through Esperanza is completed with their three main values of faith, integrity, and excellence in mind. The ultimate goal of our partnership with Esperanza is to bring equality to all members of our communities and the resources and tools individuals in our communities need to build better futures.

During September of 2014 Esperanza held their annual conference in Philadelphia were they requested that the director of CSA speak about our current programs and partnership with their organization. Our director Estela De Los Rios and Reverend Gerald Brown gave a presentation on trauma, and how all of the different types of trauma can affect the lives of individuals in our communities. Many of the clients we work with have experienced trauma in their past and it is essential for anyone in this type of profession to know, understand, and be able to recognize trauma in clients. Speaking at this conference is a great honor, and havingthe ability to spread valuable knowledge to many other organizations committed to achieving similar work is something CSA takes great pride in.

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