Lincoln High School Mentoring Program


CSA San Diego County in partnership with United African American Ministerial Action Council began a mentoring program with Lincoln High School students during the fall season 2012. We have continued to progress in this program and have developed innovative ways to achieve success for these young students.

Participants of this program will gain community empowerment and support in their studies. Aside from learning how to be productive and critical thinkers, students will have the opportunity to learn and engage with community leaders and peers. Lincoln Leaders purpose is to develop the student’s leadership skills, connection to their selves and others and their community.

Mentorship is a process of informally transmitting knowledge and wisdom or experience from a mentor to a mentee through a personal developmental relationship that involves a carefully crafted and effective communication goal. The goal of mentoring programs is to improve the well-being of the student by providing a role model that can support the student academically, socially or personally. This goal can be accomplished through school work, communication, or activities. All in which is done here at Lincoln Leaders with youths from Lincoln High School who show all signs of being genuinely promising and possess a drive for a bright future. The sincere belief in the program is enthusiastically shared between the school principal and CSA’s team of expert mentors, while the program of twelve sessions is continuously evolving and skillfully calibrated to suit the carefully observed progress being made on each three hour session.

This mentoring program is influential and effective to the mentees as well as extremely rewarding for the mentors.

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